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Video Cassettes transferred to DVD
for 18.75

Your family videos from years back can now be viewed on DVD! Cost shown is for subjects lasting up to one hour. Additional running time at only 6.25 per hour, or part.

Origination may be VHS, VHSC, SVHS, Video 8, Hi 8, or Mini DV cassettes. We can work from PAL and SECAM formats.

We can also edit your subject matter by taking out certain shots (eg, camera left running, inadvertent swoops, poor focus, insufficient lighting) for which there is a small additional charge depending on the time taken; typically this will add 50% to the basic one hour rate.

For more detailed editing (eg, omission of particular shots or sequences you specify) there is a higher additional charge which may typically double the basic one hour rate.

All discs labelled with your title, up to five words. Cost includes blank disc. Return postage and packing at cost. Payment in Sterling, cheques, or credit transfer, please

All our work is performed in-house!