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Audio Transfers from only 18.75!

Your original private recordings on audio cassette, reel-to-reel tape or on gramophone records can now be copied to CDs at low cost.


For 18.75 you can have up to one hour of continuous musical, speech or other sound clearly transferred to CD. For every additional hour or part thereafter, cost is only 6.25, and we will label the disc for you with your choice of title.


Long-play gramophone records included in this rate, but 78s are charged at 3.75 per track.


To isolate individual recorded items will incur additional cost, depending on the time taken to edit out unwanted material.


Note that older monaural recordings may not sound as true as those sounds to which we are now accustomed. In particular, the reproduction of home-made reel-to-reel recordings may lack in treble top, and cassette recordings will usually lack the fidelity of original digital recordings.


But if you have recordings of voices or sounds from the past, transfer to a digital format now could ensure these are preserved indefinitely.


Return packing and postage at cost.  Payment in Sterling, cheques or dredit transfer, please.

All our work is performed in-house!

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